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Flyers and Sixers

Flyers and Sixers

Nobody gets it.  You move to another city and you are expected to leave your favorite sports teams behind?  I don’t think so.  I moved from Philadelphia to Maryland— which might as well be Montana— but I took my obsession and love for the Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, and Phillies with me.  People around here ask me “Why are you an Eagles fan” regardless of the fact they know I’m from Philadelphia.  I feel like my loyalty to my hometown is being questioned.  I grew up in Philadelphia, I just live in Maryland. 

My kids are Eagles fans, they’re too young to know the local team, but my oldest says “Go Eagles.”  He also wears his Eagles jersey to school and doesn’t seem to mind that everyone else is wearing purple. No purple: house rule. I like to think that he’s proud of his green jersey.

In fact, I have developed a stronger bond to my Philadelphia favorites because I defend them, root for them from afar, and challenge myself to find as many creative and different ways to follow my teams.  I get to teach the people around here how to be a “real fan,” the importance of the playoff beard, how to have realistic expectations about your favorite teams, that it’s ok to disagree with your home team’s management, and most importantly, to not let anyone come into the home building/court and out cheer the home team’s fans.

I bleed Philadelphia sports.  Through as many ways possible, I will support the Philadelphia teams and do my best to pass those values down to my two sons.

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