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It frustrates me every day that the national media breaks local Philly sports news before the home-town media. I mean, really, what are the Philly sports channels and websites doing? Just in the past week, there have been two prime examples of this:

1)      Jason Peters signs with the Eagles – I first received a text from a Bills fan offering me his Jason Peters jersey.  Immediately, I searched the Eagles web site, then, and finally,  Nothing!  So, I hit up ESPN, and of course, there it was.  OK, so I got the breaking news, but it didn’t have a local feel to it. I didn’t know how the organization pulled off the deal or its internal thinking, nor did I have any idea how the fans reacted.  Personally, I’m rather pleased by the signing.  As long as Peters plays to his potential (which he can in the right environment), the Eagles got a great deal regardless of how much they paid him— the Eagles have the cap room.

2)      The Daniel Carcillo suspension – in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t such a big deal, but I didn’t even know the league was investigating Carcillo until I spotted a buried headline on TSN.CA.  Considering it relates to the first round playoff series the Flyers are playing against the Penguins, one would think that the local websites would carry this story, In fact, I don’t recall seeing anything related to the Carcillo suspension until the following day on

All I am asking is for some up-to-the minute sports news from the local Philadelphia media. As an out-of-towner, I want the local brand name and not the national generic.

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