NHL Playoffs


Flyers Captain, Mike Richards

Flyers Captain, Mike Richards

I love the NHL playoffs, especially when the Flyers are participating.  I don’t really mind watching the national broadcasts of the games.  Most of the play-by-play announcers are unbiased and are equally excited when either team makes a great play or scores a goal.  However, the color commentators, “sideline” reporters, and studio hosts always find it necessary to pick a few players to be the focus of their babble.  Obviously, since the Flyers are playing the Penguins, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin get all of the attention. 

I have no problem listening to a discussion about how the Flyers can stop these two, or what a great a job some of the Flyers players have done on Crosby or Malkin. I think the Flyers have played well against these two guys.  My complaint is that I want the commentators to step-up and review lazy and bad plays that Crosby and Malkin have made in the series, specifically in game 3.  The commentators are the first ones to rip the Flyers for missing coverage on Crosby and Malkin, but how about discussing the giveaways or missed defensive zone coverage that Crosby and Malkin have committed?  Finally, there are tons of quotes from players (Kimmo Timonen being one) about how Crosby’s a whiner or gets the calls to go his way.  Have the on-air commentators ever addressed this?  Not that I have heard, and I watch tons of hockey.

Additional thought:  If the NHL wants Crosby to be the face of NHL (he shouldn’t be, since I don’t think he has the respect of his peers), they need to remove the kid gloves and mold him into that face.  Aside from the Penguins fans, who else likes him?

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