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Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

By now you all know that I love the NHL playoffs.  Most of my time is devoted to the Flyers, but I catch up on parts of the other series, as well.  Where I live, you get a small dose of the Capitals, with all of their games covered on cable.  The league wide officiating is officially starting to bother me.  I rarely complain about the officiating, because I don’t think it usually affects the outcome of a game, but, generally speaking, I can’t recall seeing so many penalties being called.  If too many penalties are called, the consistency is lost.  If the referee calls a marginal hooking penalty, then every time someone gets a stick close to someone’s body, it should be hooking.  You could have 20 hooking calls in one game.  If the referees call too few penalties, the game gets out of hand and there’s a higher risk of injury.  Finding the right balance is probably difficult, but by letting the players play, and calling the penalties that put the victim of the penalty at a disadvantage, I think the balance will be evident. 


Additional thought:  I think certain players get special treatment from the referees.  I thought this only occurred in the NBA and college hoops — Tim Duncan gets touched, he goes to the line.  However, I’ve been seeing this in the NHL a little too frequently.  For example, Mike Richards of the Flyers got close to Evgeni Malkin twice in game 3 and was whistled for a various infractions.  Upon further replay review, Richards never touched him.  I guess the referee saw Malkin’s 71 jersey, and thought that since Malkin wasn’t scoring at the time, a penalty should be called. 

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One Comment on “More NHL Playoffs”

  1. Jack Says:

    On the additional thought, I couldn’t agree more. Malkin and Crosby are the NHL’s little darlings (despite there being players who are just as talented out there) and they’ve got to be protected.

    It’s a sad situation.

    Fortunately Philly isn’t out of the series just yet.

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