Eagles Draft and Trade Thoughts


Maclin @ Missouri, athlonsports.com

Maclin @ Missouri, athlonsports.com

To give the Eagles front office a pat on the back is a little tough for me, considering I am usually not a fan, but I think they did an admirable job managing the draft and trades that coincided with the draft.  The first two picks, Maclin and McCoy, are both excellent additions to the offense in areas of need.  Picking up the TE Ingram, potentially, could be a huge steal in the middle rounds.  People question, including himself, his blocking abilities. Regardless, a tight end that can stretch the field is going to be an excellent improvement.  Harris, Tupuo, Gibson and Fokou provide depth in their specific areas.


The Eagles gave up very little, in my opinion, to get Jason Peters.  If he continues to develop into a world class left tackle, the Peters trade and subsequent contract would pale in comparison.  Ellis Hobbs, an excellent depth cornerback provides some good insurance against a sulking Sheldon Brown.  Hobbs will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this upcoming season, so depending on the Eagles corner back situation and Hobbs’ play; he could be in the market for a contract extension from the Eagles.  Also, Hobbs’ comments on coming to the Eagles were very team and winning focused, as well as discussions on how excited he is to come to the Eagles.  So it looks like Hobbs is all about the Eagles.  I can dig it.


The Eagles made some great trades, had a solid draft, surprised a few people and picked up additional picks for 2010.  In total, the Eagles will have 9 picks, not including any compensatory picks that will be determined by the league at a later date.


Eagles had a solid weekend, can’t say the same for the Flyers and Sixers.

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