The Playoff Beard

For the uninitiated, the playoff beard is an unwritten tradition during the NHL playoffs. Grown by all participants, the playoff beard is a sign of solidarity, teamwork, and grit.  Increasingly fans are growing the playoff beard to show their support of their favorite players and team. In fact, this year, many NHL teams have been doing fundraisers around the playoff beards. The Flyers have one and so do the Rangers. I grew one last year all the way through the Flyers run to the Eastern Conference finals and I grew one this year.

Last year’s beard was tremendous. It came in full after a strong ten week period of no shaving or grooming (my mother-in-law was really pleased). Once I got past the fifteen day itchy phase, I loved it. Even after the Flyers were ousted by the Penguins in five games, I kept the beard. It reminded me of the Flyers in the playoffs and how much I enjoyed being part of their run. Finally, I decided to groom and trim the beard for a Memorial Day weekend wedding. I used the wrong size clipper and the entire beard had to go. When the Flyers clinched their playoff spot, I focused my energy on the excitement of growing a playoff beard for the 2009 playoffs. Just like the Flyers lasting six games, my beard lasted the same. I never made it past the itchy phase and decided that since the Flyers did not have a sense of urgency in the playoffs, I didn’t see a necessity in the beard. Next year, the beard will be back.

Paul Mara,

Paul Mara,

My favorite playoff beard has always been the Scott Neidermeyer beard, when he won the Stanley Cup with the Ducks. His beard looked rugged, was very thick and had a nice touch of gray. The best playoff beard I have seen this year belongs to Paul Mara of the New York Rangers, but I suspect he has been growing that forest for a while.

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  1. delphea Says:

    you’re a dork. xoxo

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