Comments on Eagles Rumors

Dicussing the rumors regarding the Eagles acquiring Anquan Boldin and Tony Gonzalez isn’t timely, considering Gonzalez was traded to the Falcons and the Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin.  However, I still want to touch on a few points. 

  1. Too much speculation and not enough facts being reported by the national and local media. Just because the Eagles needed a tight end and a big-time wide receiver and Boldin and Gonzalez were available doesn’t mean the Eagles would trade the house to pick these guys up. I want to see credible sources quoted. Mostly, we see the Eagles saying that they haven’t discussed anything and the other teams saying everyone is calling. It makes no sense. I just want accurate reporting.
  2. Would Gonzalez and Boldin have helped the Eagles? Absolutely. Boldin would be the best receiver the Eagles have had since T.O. Gonzalez, while at the end of his career, would have been a significant upgrade. However, the Eagles picked up a tight end and a wide receiver in the draft that potentially, could fill the void these guys may have filled.
  3. The Eagles have proven that a free agent or a player acquired in a trade is not necessarily better than a drafted player, specifically at the skill positions. Aside from T.O., the Eagles have barely touched the free agent wide receiver and tight end market. Matt Schobel and Kevin Curtis are the only two non-Eagles drafted wide receiver and tight end that has had any impact (T.O. excluded).

It still pains me to think that the front office may actually be right, but at least for now, I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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