Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown with chinstrap

Sheldon Brown with chinstrap

Sheldon Brown, an Eagles player I always respected, really surprised me.  I never thought he would be this year’s Lito Sheppard.  Lito was always a bit high on himself.  Early in his career he was interested in playing corner back and wide receiver.  The latter never materialized.  Sheldon was always down to earth, respectable and understood football to be a game and a business.  This nonsense of him requesting a new contract really has rubbed me the wrong way.  You see, Sheldon Brown has four years, yes four years, left on his current contract – one that he voluntarily signed taking a large signing bonus up front.  Sheldon has never made the pro bowl and has been a solid corner back starter for most of his career.  He hasn’t outplayed his contract.  He doesn’t deserve a new contract.

Sheldon argues that he isn’t being paid what other cornerbacks are being paid.  Factor in the signing bonus he received a few years back and then I am pretty sure the compensation to other corner backs is reasonable.  Yearly salary is not the way to judge a contract.  Factor the signing bonus, incentives and the salary, then you have a comparable number.

I hope Sheldon sticks around – on the following conditions:  a)  no sulking like Lito, b)  no rallying the other players against the Eagles front office (he did name drop Trent Cole and Mike Patterson in his rants) and c) play to his abilities.  Otherwise, he can take his marshmallow wrapped chinstrap with him to another team that won’t pay him.

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