Please Exit Samuel Dalembert

Samuel Dalembert,

Samuel Dalembert,

I think the Dalembert project has to end. He’s never been good. For some reason, the potential of a 7-foot athlete outweighs the potential of a 7-foot basketball player. I don’t think Sammy has ever been a basketball player.

As a center playing in the NBA, especially a center not asked to score, that center needs to rebound, play strong defense and hustle. Dalembert does none of those things well. In fact, I don’t think he does any of them. Ok, he can block some shots. For every block he has in a game, I guarantee that he was out of position defensively just as many times, if not more. He doesn’t box out, he doesn’t try for the hustle play and he looks basically confused. He looked lost trying to play defense on Dwight Howard. He looked baffled trying to contain back-up big man Marcin Gortat. He didn’t know what to do then the ball fell in his hands. It’s just baffling that the guy has been in the league this long and looks this bad.

I guess we can’t put all the blame on Samuel Dalembert. Billy King signed him to an absurd contract, handcuffing the current regime, and almost forcing the Sixers to play him. Sammy didn’t do anything to help his situation, but why should he? He’s making guaranteed money – over 10 million a year.

While there isn’t much good news, I guess Dalembert can’t get much worse.

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