Upshall for Carcillo Trade

Daniel Carcillo,

Daniel Carcillo,

This trade happened at the NHL trading deadline, so the topic is definitely old news. However, I wanted to touch on a few quick points:

  1. 1. This gave the Flyers more cap space to maneuver players for the rest of the 08-09 season.  An important point to note, that was rarely discussed in any media, is that Upshall wouldn’t have been resigned with the Flyers for the 09-10 season, unless they did some major salary cap overhaul. Also, I think Holmgren made the move to help Upshall.  Phoenix is a place where Upshall will be a top line player and have the opportunity to have a long career there, assuming the Coyotes will invest in his contract – I think they will.
  2. I liked Scottie Upshall with the Flyers.  He wasn’t my favorite player, nor do I think they need him to win.  People obsessed over the loss of Upshall, I just don’t get it. He did play with grit and a lot of emotion, which the Flyers missed in the playoffs.  However, I think there are plenty of other players on the Flyers that also have the potential and should play with the emotion exhibited by Upshall.
  3. Daniel Carcillo is not a zero.  I think he is a better player to have on the fourth line than Riley Cote.  Carcillo has some skill, can skate rather well and can drop the gloves.  He should have been an instant fan favorite in Philadelphia, but he takes bad penalties and lets his anger/emotions get the better of him.  He scored an energizing goal in game 4 against Pittsburgh that shows he has some skill.  Cote would have whiffed on that.  If Carcillo gets his head together and the referees stop targeting him, he could turn into a strong fourth line energy player for the Flyers.
  4. This trade wasn’t covered well by the national media and all I read in the Philadelphia media was the loss of Upshall, not the potential of Carcillo.  Philadelphia local television may have covered this better, but I don’t know.

Of course, the Flyers have been known to give away guys because of salary cap issues or their perceived “lack of fitting into” the Flyers.  For example, Patrick Sharp has turned into a solid producer in Chicago, a young Vinny Prospal was sent away in a trade and RJ Umberger was dumped because of salary cap issues.

The lesson here is that Carcillo still has a chance to prove everyone wrong and be a solid player for the Flyers.  Regardless, the Flyers management of their talent evaluation and salary cap need to be improved.

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One Comment on “Upshall for Carcillo Trade”

  1. 143flyers Says:

    Funny…Carcillo seemed to be the only one who really showed up to play in the playoffs. Along with Giroux, Powe & Asham. Where was everyone else?

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