PhilaTude and Overtime Playoff Hockey

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NHL Logo

There’s nothing better than NHL playoff overtime hockey.  Well, it’s always better if the the Flyers are playing and go onto win.  However, since the Flyers have been ousted from the playoffs, I have to settle for the rest of the playoff teams playing overtime playoff hockey.

Last night’s Capitals/Penguins game 6 tilt went to overtime after a standard, fluke, cheesy goal by Sidney Crosby late in the 3rd period.  The Capitals needed to win to stay alive and force game 7.  The Caps hadn’t won an overtime playoff game since 2001, so it was going to be tough playing in Pittsburgh against the Penguins that were trying to close out the series.  The Caps scored about 8 minutes into the overtime – just in time for my wife to switch the channel to the “Hills.”  It was a slap shot from the point off of a face-off.  Then it was deflected over Marc-Andre Fluery’s shoulder for the win.  The Caps players were ecstatic, as they should be.  It was amazing to see the Pens’ fans disappointed knowing that their team would have to go to Washington, D.C. to win a game 7.  Even more amazing was how Sidney Crosby selfishly tried to make it seem that the Capitals ruined his party.

In overtime hockey, it is about the team that doesn’t make mistakes and the team that forces as many shots on goal as possible.  The Caps did that last night.  So, explain to me why Sidney Crosby stood on the ice and watched the Caps celebrate when the rest of this team went to the locker room.  Don’t give me the line “he was watching to see what it was like to win a big game game 6.”  Crosby wants every game to be about him.  The league has to stop playing into this and let his talent do his talking (he is a great player) – not the forced marketing or the cheesy contrived situations.

Bottom line, overtime playoff hockey is incredible, even if my two least favorite teams are playing.

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