Happ to the Rotation

Phillies Pitcher J.A. Happ

Phillies Pitcher J.A. Happ

Finally, J.A. Happ gets his shot in the rotation.  This should have happened out of spring training.  He was the better pitcher than Chan Ho Park, but lacked experience.  To quote a favorite PhilaTude movie, The Secret of My Success, “how can I get any experience until I get a job that GIVES me experience?”  In essence, Park was handed the 5th spot.  My theory is that no matter how well Happ pitched, it was Park’s spot no matter what.  Now that Happ has pitched well out of the bullpen AND Park has struggled, Happ gets his shot.  I watched Happ pitch in person last Friday night in the 12 inning marathon against the Nats.  He looked good.

Here’s what I don’t get.  Last season, the Phillies couldn’t fill the 5th starter role.  They tried Kyle Kendrick, Ryan Madsen and a few others.  Knowing this was a problem they claimed to sign Park to have him compete for the job.  I think they expected him to be the 5th started all along.  Why?  I would have signed a pitcher with starting experience, stick him in the bullpen just in case something happens to your inexperienced starting pitcher.  It should have been the other way around – Park to the bullpen, Happ to the rotation.  The Phillies now have it right.  It took them almost 40 games to figure it out, but better late than never.

You heard here first, but I think Happ will be a solid rotation guy.

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