The NHL is Wrong!

One could say that I am bitter the Flyers aren’t playing for the Stanley Cup. It’s ok. I am bitter. Real bitter. However, since I am a huge hockey fan and absolutely detest Sidney Crosby, I have been enjoying watching the Red Wings take a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup Finals. What’s amazing about the Red Wings is that they are playing with an injury depleted team and they have to overcome the league’s bias for Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Last night the Red Wings won the game by playing stellar defense, getting good goaltending from Chris Osgood and taking advantage of their opportunities to score. Yet every analyst on TV spoke about how great the Penguins played, how hard Malkin played (he did) and most importantly, how great Sidney Crosby looked. The dude can’t even grow a legitimate playoff beard. The point is that it doesn’t matter how great Crosby and the Penguins looked, they still lost and are down 2-0 in the series. Even worse is that the commentators and analysts didn’t have one good thing to say about the Red Wings.

After game 1 was over, Sidney Crosby slashed Kirk Maltby of the Red Wings. No on ice official saw the slash, but when Maltby and a few others chased after Crosby, he hid behind the referees.

The day after game 1, I had a difficult time finding in the mainstream media any mention of the slash and subsequent “chase.” I think the media should have lambasted Crosby as a poor sport and the league potentially should have officially reviewed the incident. Nothing. Crosby claimed that Maltby did a lot of talking – so what? Stop crying. Keep in mind that if a Flyers player slashed an opponent after the end of a game, there would be suspensions for the Flyers and fines for the coaches.

I love the Flyers and hockey, but I am getting tired of the NHL playing favorites to a whiner with a crappy playoff beard. It’s time for the NHL to work on another plan because their selected face of the NHL might be a good player, but is a poor sport, has a bad attitude and definitely doesn’t have the respect of his peers.

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One Comment on “The NHL is Wrong!”

  1. scott Says:

    I haqve to say, there actually is the possibility of a criminal investigation needed due to the one side ref’ing and the bias the NHL takes – you see, people actually bet on these games, and there are laws against any bias the NHL management aledgedly has. Colin Campbell chould actually be looking at the possibility of spending a lot (and I mean a lot) of time behind bars… if only enough people could get the federal gaming commision to push for an investigation.

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