I’m Over Dawkins

Brian Dawkins

Brian Dawkins

As an Eagles fan, I am over the loss of Brian Dawkins. Sure, Dawkins was one of my favorites for a long time. It was tough to see him go. However, I realize that Dawkins was a great player for the Eagles, a great teammate and fantastic leader by example, but he never single handedly won a game for the Eagles. Donavan McNabb has. Brian Westbrook on various occasions has won games for us. Even David Akers stole a game or two. Dawkins made great plays to save games from being losses or plays to set up wins, but never got the Eagles a win by himself. Tons of players have set-up the wins, but only a few guys took over games.

Here’s an example: The 4th and 26 game against the Packers in the playoffs. The Eagles miraculously complete the 4th and 26 play, get the tying field goal to send the game to overtime. In overtime, the Eagles punt, but Favre then throws the classic interception to Brian Dawkins. It was an easy pick. Any other defensive back would have made the play. Then, McNabb, Staley and Akers finish off the Packers. Maybe my analysis is too simple since Dawkins plays defense and rarely has the opportunity to score. Maybe I am secretly still bitter Dawkins is gone and I am trying to justify the Eagles letting him go. Perhaps, Dawkins was the perfect Jim Johnson system guy. Or, it just could be that I want to have those random Dawkins veins bulging from my muscles. Who knows?

Regardless, the Eagles go into next season without Brian Dawkins. I’m over it. Everyone should be ready to move onto the Quintin Demps era. I am ready.

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