Ray Emery Officially a Flyer

Ray Emery, notice no belt

Ray Emery, notice no belt

I wrote about the Flyers potentially signing Ray Emery to a contract a few weeks back.  You can read that post here.  Now that Emery has signed, I don’t think my opinion has changed.  Emery provides the Flyers with a stop-gap at goal for at least one season.  He signed for a paltry 1.5 million for one year.  By not resigning Biron at close to 4 million for three years, the Flyers saved an immense amount of salary cap space to sign a top level blue-liner.  Biron’s stats and Emery’s stats are similar, except Emery is much more of a nut job, and has tons of off-the-ice incidents to his name. Emery is about 6 years younger than Biron, as well. 

By the Flyers signing Emery for only 1 year, it provides the Flyers with an easy out if Emery can’t hack it.  The Flyers would still be without a number 1 goalie, but at least they wouldn’t have given up anything on a chance to try with Emery.  From Emery’s perspective, the 1 year deal gives him the chance to prove himself on and off the ice for the potential of a more lucrative and long term deal.  Emery has proven to be a solid goaltender.  The question is – Can he bounce back from his problems in Ottawa and recapture his standing as a top goalie in the NHL?  Playing in Philadelphia is not easy.  If Emery starts out poorly, it could be a long season in the Flyers net.  Let’s hope that Emery does well.  I still think that if Biron wasn’t asking for so much money, he would have been the better option.

Of course, signing Emery on the cheap to save cap money was an objective.  If the Flyers don’t use the additional cap money to get a top level free agent defenseman, then settling for Ray Emery could be a big mistake before the season even starts.

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