Phillies v Mets – Game 3

Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez watches his three-run home run during the tenth inning against the New York Mets, Thursday, June 11, 2009, at Citi Field in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

OK, full disclosure: I am not a huge baseball fan. Football is really my gig. Needless to say though, when I get a call at 5:30PM on a Thursday from a friend who’s come into some Phillies-Mets tickets and wants me to come, there is no way I am going to say no.  While I’ve lived in NY for quite a long time and have gone to my fair share of NY sporting events (not really something I’m proud of), Thursday night was actually my first time going to see a Philly team play at a NY stadium.

Being a visiting team fan is no easy task and it’s definitely not easy at Citi Field—which by the way, is absolutely awesome: clean, comfortable seats, great views, friendly staff, tons of concession stands—there was really nothing to complain about, well except the Mets fans, that is. It’s a good thing my friend and I came right from work—no time to run home to don red T-shirts or Phils hats, so despite our spirited cheering, we blended into the crowd.  Luckily, our seats were in front of a row of Philly fans, so there was lots of high-fiving with strangers all around.

Of course, this opportunity was the ultimate test of my PhilaTude, and in the end, I hope I succeeded in maintaining our values.  While at times our Mets neighbors started to get a bit rowdy and it was, I think,  all in good fun, it definitely dampened the mood for a bit. Well, that was until the amazing Raul Ibanez hit a three-run homer in the 10th and sealed a 6-3 on-the-road win for Phillies. The stadium then pretty much emptied of Mets fans, and rows of bright red T-shirts could finally be seen in the stands.  It’s always a great feeling to win, and the Phillies played an awesome game, but the best part was sharing smiles and high-fives with those other die-hard Philly fans. Go Phils!

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