Another I Hate Crosby Post

Mike Richards defending Sidney Crosby.  Crosby whines for a call.  He didn't get one.

Mike Richards defending Sidney Crosby. Crosby whines for a call. He didn't get one.

Yes, we know I am jealous of the Pittsburgh Penguins for winning the Stanley Cup.  All I want is for the Flyers to bring a Stanley Cup championship home to Philadelphia.  However, the Penguins cup win is tainted for a few reasons.

The NHL wanted it this way.  It’s going to backfire if it hasn’t already.  The Penguins boast a line-up of three number 1 overall draft choices (Fleury, Crosby, Malkin) and a vast variety of other top picks.  The Penguins had to suffer through years of losing teams, threatened moves to other cities and league assistance.  Wouldn’t it be better for a sustained team of winning?  The Red Wings seem to do it.  Also, as the NHL appointed face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby wasn’t such a gracious winner. 

Granted, we accept that Crosby didn’t choose to be the face of the NHL and have the additional pressures.  But, it appears that he is happy to be the NHL’s ambassador for goodwill.  As discussed many times, he just doesn’t have the respect of his peers.  The latest example is that he missed shaking some of the Red Wings hands after winning the cup.  After being questioned about missing some of the players from the Red Wings, Crosby talked about tradition and how he respects the game (he made it to the handshake line way after it started).  Here’s the deal:  If Sidney Crosby truly respects the game of the hockey, his peers and fans, as the captain of the champions, he should have been the first one in the handshake line representing his team and the victory.  He blew it.  The handshake line at the end of a playoff series is one of the most hallowed traditions in hockey.  No other league has this tradition, it’s special to hockey and Crosby chose not to respect it.  I guess he thought doing interviews and parading around in someone else’s building was more important.  Nicklas Lidstrom is the only non-North American captain to win the Stanley Cup.  He did this with the Red Wings last season.  He was the first one in line to shake hands with his opponents.  Crosby should have done the same.

In a 7 game series, the NHL and its fans witnessed two acts of poor sportsmanship from the queen of the NHL, Sidney Crosby – the slash at the end of the game 1 and the late appearance in the handshake line.  (We are ignoring his poor excuse for a playoff beard that is just embarrassing for the league).   He also dives, whines, complains and thinks he should have special treatment.  If a sports website were to do a Sidney Crosby poll with the question “Do you like Sidney Crosby?” – the only positive responses would come from Pittsburgh.  If you ask the same about Malkin, Ovechkin or Brodeur, I would bet the positive responses would be much higher.  When is the NHL going to wake up and realize this guy shouldn’t be pushed, but potentially be reviewed for fines and suspensions?  Crosby is good hockey player, but the whole package is overrated.  I hate him.

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