The New Old Logo

Charles Barkley and Moses Malone - Yahoo Sports

Charles Barkley and Moses Malone - Yahoo Sports

Word out of the 76ers camp wasn’t a big trade or draft information, but that the Sixers have returned to their old logo – making the old logo the new logo.  I love it.  Don’t know why they changed the logo in the first place to that “weird, scripty” lettering and color scheme that made the Sixers look cheesy. There is nothing better in sports than a classic looking logo and uniform.  

Most importantly, the new old logo symbolizes an era of winning.  The logo was the one that Moses, Charles and the Doctor all represented.  The Sixers won their 1983 championship sporting that logo.  Now, will the logo bring back the Sixers winning ways?  Do the Sixers have a better shot at winning the championship now that they have the old logo back?  I think the answer to both of the questions is emphatically, no.  The Sixers need a lot of help at all positions, including coach.  The logo only provides the opportunity for all of the current players and staff to buy into the winning that the logo represents. 

I’m excited for the old school look of the logo and the potential for the uniforms.  I’m not excited for the team the Sixers will field.  I’ve come to terms that Charles, Moses, Andrew Toney, Julius Erving and the rest of the guys aren’t coming back with the logo.

Notes:  The NBA draft is tonight and I don’t have any faith the Sixers will come away making a blockbuster trade or drafting a player that will help them.  The best possible scenario I see playing out is the Sixers will draft a point guard that could end up as a back-up on this current team.  Regardless of tonight or the rest of the off-season, the Sixers will be a middle of the road team next season and beyond.

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