JA Happ Goes the Distance and Lidge Gets a Save



This past weekend, we saw JA Happ 5-hit the Blue Jays in a complete game performance.  This is the kind of game the Phillies are looking for from their starting pitching.  What’s more interesting is that the Phillies offense came alive for 10 runs.  Anytime a pitcher sees run support, it makes that pitcher relax and take control of games.  While I have no specific facts to back it up, I am going to assume pitchers pitch better and great pitchers are great pitchers because of run support.  Back to JA Happ, he should have been the fifth starter out of training camp, as I discussed in an earlier post.  Happ could have had a few more starts had he been the outright fifth starter and gained even more confidence.  Happ really controlled the game and looks like he will have plenty of more opportunities to win games for the Phillies.

It was good to see Brad Lidge back in a save opportunity.  The Phillies had come back from 3 runs down to take a one run lead.  Lidge came on the mound and took care of business for his 14th save.  This was the kind of game Lidge consistently blew in the beginning of the season.  I realize that this is one game and Lidge has a long way to go to put the blown saves and issues behind him, but it is encouraging that he came in and looked decent.

Of course, this was one weekend of games for the Phillies.  Who knows how the bullpen and starting pitching will be this week.

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