Are the Phillies Back on Track?

Chase Utley - AP/H. Rumph Jr.

Chase Utley - AP/H. Rumph Jr.

Last night, the Phillies pumped 10 runs down the throats of the Cincinnati Reds in the 1st inning and added an additional 12 runs for a total of 22.  It was an amazing outburst of runs for a team that had been struggling to score.  The team featured three players with 4 or more RBIs and Cole Hamels, the starting pitcher, added to 2 RBIs to his cause.  Equally important was that Cole Hamels pitched a solid 7 innings to pick up the win.  He gave up less then 3 hits and only 1 run.  Since the offense produced 10 runs in the first, it allowed Hamels to relax on the mound and pitch his game.  

After the three game sweep of the Mets and last nights victory over the Reds, the Phillies have gotten four quality starts from their starting pitching.  This allows the relief pitchers to come in to game after the 6th or 7th inning and provide a quality few innings, as opposed to long relief.  Hopefully, the pitching success will continue. 

To answer the important question – “are the Phillies back on track?” – is a bit tricky.  They have won four straight, got excellent starting pitching and scored tons of runs.  It looks like they are playing well, but let’s hold judgment until we can rule out that this isn’t just a streak, but actual consistency.  For this to be consistent, real winning baseball, the Phillies have to come from behind a few games, have their pitchers pitch out of tough jams and spots and do all the little things, like smart base running and timely pinch hits.  While I do see some consistency building, it is going to take a lot more wins and strong baseball for the Phillies to be able to put their inconsistency and slumping ways behind them.

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