The Enigmatic Phillies

File Photo of Rodrigo Lopez (AP Photo/Don Wright)

File Photo of Rodrigo Lopez (AP Photo/Don Wright)

Yes, the Phillies have won 5 of their last 6 and yes, they lost the one game by only one run, but I still don’t think they are playing consistent baseball.  Last night, the Phillies fell behind by two runs, only to rally back using timely hitting and strong relief work from the bullpen.  Here’s what bugs me:  Rodrigo Lopez provided another strong start (he left after an injury), but the Phillies didn’t score any runs, let alone get base runners until the starter left the game.  The Phillies are supposed to be a potent offensive machine that barely can score runs.  They explode some games, but their run scoring is so inconsistent, it’s mind boggling.  

Yesterday, there was rampant speculation and even mock proposals to acquire Blue Jays pitcher Roy Halladay.  All of the discussion was around how many prospects the Phillies would have to give up.  To get Halladay, the Phillies would have had to give up a proven major leaguer and many prospects.  Halladay is great pitcher and would be a worthy addition to the Phillies rotation, but to give up the farm and an everyday major leaguer really isn’t worth it.  Also, the Phillies starting pitching is coming around to perform better.  Most importantly, if a starting pitcher struggles, the offense should be able to outscore the other team, every game.  The Phillies line up is that good, just inconsistent.

I’ll take 5 wins out of 6 games, but I’d like to see some consistency from the offense and pitching before I claim that the Phillies are out of their slump and back to World Series form.

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