More on My Hatred of Sidney Crosby

Flyers Logo

Flyers Logo

I can’t handle another discussion about the Phillies and their inconsistency; however, they did look good last night.  I am not going to address Pedro Martinez coming to Phillies, no point in writing about speculation that is going to be ridiculous if he doesn’t sign, but even more absurd if he does sign.  So, I will take this opportunity to share more thoughts on my most hated sports figure ever, Sidney Crosby.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure, sorry, displeasure of talking to a Pittsburgh native about their Stanley Cup win and their poor excuse for a captain, Sidney Crosby.  The Pittsburgh acquaintance was shocked at how we, as die-hard Philadelphia fans, could have such hatred for him.  I explained that he is a lousy sport, a whiner, a cheap-shot artist and a terrible leader.  Pittsburgh dude disagreed with everything I said.  I had examples, previously discussed in other blog posts that proved my points.  After much discussion and deliberation, he agreed that my perception was well justified.  His comeback points were that the NHL chose him as the face and that he is great in the Pittsburgh community.  I agree and have previously written that Crosby didn’t chose the position he is in and that’s great he is active in Pittsburgh.  Tell that to Niklas Lidstrom, who he snubbed after winning the cup and tell it to all of the tremendous athletes in the NHL that have been victim to the referees’ favoritism to Sidney Crosby.  All I want is for Pittsburgh fans to realize his significant flaws and wake up to the fact that the NHL significantly helped Crosby and the Penguins in their run to the cup.  Then, the Penguins fans can rejoice that they won a Stanley Cup (albeit tainted).  

Needless to say, my Pittsburgh connection wasn’t happy with my assessment of his wonder boy.  Guess what?  I don’t care, because until Crosby stops getting special treatment and he embraces his role as an ambassador of hockey that exudes immense sportsmanship, I will continue to lambast him until he is put in his place.  Quite frankly, now that he has a Stanley Cup, I don’t see this situation getting any better, in fact, it will get worse.  Let’s go Flyers.

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