Andre Miller to the Trail Blazers – Don’t Care

Andre Miller Signed with the Trail Blazers

Andre Miller Signed with the Trail Blazers

Andre Miller signs a 3 year deal with the Trail Blazers.  Who Cares?  Well, there are some pundits who believe that Miller was a crucial member of the Philadelphia 76ers.  Guess what?  He was a crucial member, moving forward, we really don’t need him.  So, the Sixers enter the season without a true, experienced point guard to lead a young team.  To be honest, I don’t think the Sixers are doing anything this year, so having Miller wouldn’t make a difference.

Let’s discuss his contract – the Sixers offered around 6 million for 1 year, while the Blazers have him for 3 years at 7 million a season.  The main difference is the length of the contract.  The Sixers wanted him for one year in an effort to get Jrue Holiday ready for the big time.  Andre Miller went for security, I don’t blame him.  Here’s what gets me, the Sixers were exploring a sign and trade deal with Miller.  Why didn’t they do it?  They could have signed him to a similar deal the Blazers gave him and then traded him.  They could have gotten something in return.  It probably wouldn’t have been much, but least it would have been something – maybe an expiring contract, some big man depth or even a defensive minded guard.  Oh well. 

What’s important to note is that Miller had very few options, so maybe he really isn’t as good or important as some people think.  I already told you, I don’t think he is all that.

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