Quick NFL Thoughts/Notes

It would be a mistake not to mention these quick points:

1)       Michael Vick is reinstated to the NFL, but will not be allowed to play in a real game until week 6.  Of course, he will have to be signed by a team.  NFL teams will have to weigh the fan backlash against signing him to a contract.  Quite frankly, Vick really won’t be in game shape, nor have the ability to play and lead a team this season.  However, I predict that a few teams will be interested and will assume that their fans will get over their issues with his background, once they see what he does on the field.

2)       Brett Favre has finally decided to stay retired.  Don’t want to hear about him until his Hall of Fame induction.  I hate him.  Even better is that the Vikings are still without a legit quarterback.  Not only did Favre continue to hurt his reputation, but he also took the Vikings down with him.  He should have stayed retired last year.

3)       In the next few weeks, I will be posting a mock fantasy football draft.  I will comment on each round and discuss a few selections in detail.  The running back by committee situation developing in the NFL may diminish the rule of always selecting a running back first.  More to come.

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One Comment on “Quick NFL Thoughts/Notes”

  1. gjmcrae Says:

    The needs of the league is important, at times commissioners overlook the obvious. Your statements shed light on a ongoing problem.

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