Cliff Lee’s Debut and the Phillies Weekend

Cliff Lee's Phillies Debut (AP Photo)

Cliff Lee's Phillies Debut (AP Photo)

Cliff Lee was impressive in his first start with the Phillies.  He handled the San Francisco Giants with ease, allowing only 4 hits and 1 run.  If Cliff Lee continues to have solid outings like his debut, the Phillies rotation will definitely be solidified for the home stretch and hopefully, the playoffs.  

Lee significantly impressed me with his enthusiasm and excitement to play for the Philadelphia Phillies.  I think it is seldom seen these days that a player is enthusiastic about being traded to contender or even playing in a city that loves their sports and athletes (although we show it in strange ways).  Lee wasn’t worried about money or logistics, all he wanted was a chance to play on a winning team in a great city.  From my perspective, Lee is everything the Phillies could have asked for, without giving up anything that was going to be part of the Phillies future.  While I’m not really sure how Roy Halladay would have reacted to being traded to Philadelphia, it wouldn’t have been as great as Cliff Lee’s.

After Lee pitched a beauty of a game this past Friday, Joe Blanton went out and threw an excellent game.  The only issue, Tim Lincecum (one of the greatest pitchers I have ever seen throw) pitched an even better game.  The Phillies players couldn’t hit him.  On Sunday, Hamels had a shaky outing causing the Phillies to drop their second in a row.  It didn’t help that the Phillies couldn’t hit either. 

With Blanton and Lee’s excellent outings and hopefully Hamels picks up his game, the Phillies rotation is set.  Let’s see what Pedro brings in his Phillies debut – which I would assume to be in the week.

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