Victorino Ejected – While in the Outfield

Victorino getting his argument on (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Victorino getting his argument on (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

In a strange twist of events, Shane Victorino was ejected from yesterday’s game against the Marlins, while standing in centerfield.  I don’t get it.  Forget the fact that the Phillies got swept by the Marlins and lost some of their lead in the NL East; it is a bigger problem that it looks like the umpires may be picking on the Phillies.  Standard Philadelphia treatment – it happens to the Flyers and Eagles, why not the Phillies?

Anyway, I would think that since Rodrigo Lopez was about to deliver a pitch, that the umpire would be focused on the pitcher, catcher and batter, not what Victorino was doing in the outfield.  Obviously, Victorino didn’t say anything to the umpire that could be heard, it was a sell-out in Philadelphia, so he probably made some sort of gesture.  If the umpire was doing his job, he wouldn’t have seen it.  Even more interesting is that the other umpires on the diamond were clueless when the home plate umpire went through massive gyrations to throw someone out of the game from 300 feet away.  Maybe Victorino was edging on the umpire earlier in the game and this “gesture” just put it over the edge to warrant an ejection.  The way I see it, the umpire wasn’t doing his job and this ejection is a ridiculous abuse of power.

Now, the aftermath of the ejection, Victorino charging towards the umpire to do some yelling may have been inappropriate, but if he was already ejected, he might as well earn it.  I guess Paul Bako is going to think twice before trying to step into Victorino’s way when he chases down an ump.  Bako was forearmed out of the way.

Lost in this mess of Victorino’s ejection and the Phillies losing streak is that Phillies pitching rotation is in a bit of flux.  Has Jamie Moyer lost his slot in favor of Pedro Martinez?  We’ll find out soon.

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