Another Blown Save for Lidge

Brad Lidge

Brad Lidge

The Phillies come from behind in the 9th inning to take the lead over the Pirates, only to have their supposed ace closer blow another save and game.  Brad Lidge, the maligned Phillies closer, couldn’t even record an out.  Lidge has issues and it’s now a problem that better be addressed heading into September and most likely the post season. 

In fact, yesterday’s poll on asked a question related to “Is Lidge back on track?”  I voted no, but it surprised me how many people thought that Lidge had turned the corner and his problems were gone.  While I don’t consider myself to be one of those pessimistic Phillies fans, I am a realist.  I realize that Lidge’s problems aren’t going to be solved in one game.  Also, it’s not that Brad Lidge is pitching poorly; it’s that he is pitching poorly with game control issues.  If he could control the game and still pitch poorly, he would record some outs and not get into as many jams as he has been in.  Lidge has to call upon the skill and dedication he showed last year.  He has to take each game one at a time and just focus on controlling the game.

If I was Charlie Manuel, you better bet that I would have a back-up plan in place.  There are a few options.  Ryan Madson, while struggling on his own, could close a few games if necessary.  J.C. Romero is coming back from injury and could provide an inning of shut down work.  Even more intriguing is that Brett Myers, fresh off of hip surgery, is throwing rehabilitation games and could slide back into the closer role he performed a few years back.  Of course, the whole injury thing to Myers could throw that for a loop.  Finally, I think Manuel needs to do whatever it takes to get Lidge back on his game.  

The Phillies starters have given the team strong 6 to 7 innings each outing.  The starters should be able to rely on their bullpen and especially their closer to finish off the games.

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