Vick’s Pre-Season Role = Reid’s an Idiot

Now that I have digested Michael Vick’s appearance as a player on the Eagles football team, I can truly say, I still don’t get it.  Andy Reid must think Michael Vick is some magic football player to interrupt a great quarterback’s rhythm.  Yes, I think Donovan McNabb is a great quarterback.  It doesn’t make sense that the coach takes the ball away from McNabb to give it to Vick, who is a far inferior quarterback.  Vick is an athlete, but that doesn’t mean he is better than McNabb.  In fact, I think Andy Reid insulted McNabb by taking his snaps and giving them to Vick.

Let’s remember a few things.  Vick was a great athlete from the quarterback position during his time with the Atlanta Falcons.  He never excelled at throwing the ball or even making the right decisions.  He was always bailed out by his feet and his ability to run.  In a playoff game against Vick’s Falcons, the Eagles completely stymied Vick, he looked ordinary.  Also, Vick hasn’t even come close to winning what McNabb has won.  Vick has always been an overhyped mirage of a quarterback. 

Michael Vick played 6 snaps, five from the QB position and one as a slot receiver.  He was 4 for 4 for 19 yards (a couple shovel passes and a luck laser to Hank Baskett).  He ran the ball once, picking up a yard and it never seemed like he tried to get to full speed.  Jacksonville, the Eagles pre-season opponent, never even changed their defense to accommodate Vick being on the field.  Teams aren’t afraid of Vick now because they weren’t afraid of him before the scandal.  Defenses could easily cover his quarterbacking and his athletics were covered by athletic and fast defenders.  I have no idea what Coach Reid is doing.

For Vick to truly have an impact on this Eagles team, he is going to need to be an athlete – not a quarterback.  Either he becomes a hybrid running back/wide receiver or strictly a wildcat quarterback with the potential to throw.  Otherwise, not only does he diminish McNabb’s role, but he hurts the team with a roster spot.  We know this isn’t Vick’s fault; it is Andy Reid’s fault.  Reid is the only thing holding McNabb and the Eagles back.  Reid can’t manage the clock, call plays or even want to run the ball.  So unless Reid thinks he is smarter than the rest of the NFL (which he isn’t), this Michael Vick this is going to really make this Eagles season frustrating.

And, why are there so many Michael Vick jerseys being sold?  He’s going to be a back-up.  Apparently, Vick has the 4th best selling jersey in the league right now.   I’m not buying one.

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