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Don Draper/Cliff Lee?

October 29, 2009

don and cliffAnyone? Anyone? Maybe that’s what I get for watching this week’s Mad Men (thank you new roommate’s DVR!) and the Phillies game in the same night. They might not be twins, but there’s no question that they’re both damn good at their jobs. One down. Go Phils!


Enough with the Wildcat!

October 27, 2009

scottish-wildcatOK, so I know that the Wildcat didn’t really factor all that much into last night’s Eagles vs. Redskins game, but there really isn’t much to say about the game except “boy can DeSean Jackson run,” and that the Eagles offense might as well have taken a nap during the second half, oh, and good job defense—sort of. So, instead I find myself fixated on the Wildcat. I don’t want to see it at all—EVER. Enough is enough. Feel free to argue with me here, in fact we would appreciate some comments as long as they are clean, written in proper English, have nothing to do with selling us stocks or sporting equipment, and have something intelligent to say, but I’m sticking by the fact, or err, rather to the opinion that the Wildcat formation is perhaps the most irritating offensive play in the history of football. It was maybe fun and a little exciting the first few times it was run, and it was certainly useful in the now famous Dolphins/Patriots game, but that was because the defense had never seen it before. It was something “new.”But that shiny new toy sheen has faded, and it’s time to throw it under the bed and forget all about it.

Two things about the Wildcat: The Eagles are not exceptionally good at executing it, it shows a lack of confidence in the quarterback, and it most likely means that Michael Vick has come into the game—thereby negating the element of surprise! I realize that was three things. I also realize that if you are one of our handful of dedicated readers, you read my post about giving Michael Vick a second chance.

My position hasn’t changed. We need to give him a chance, but not on critical second downs when the offense hasn’t scored a point since the middle of the 2nd quarter. This isn’t a high school football game where the back-up QB has warmed the bench all season and it’s only fair for him to go in once in a while. If we were doing that, maybe it would be smart to toss in Kolb since he is the Eagles’ “future.” This, though is not high school. This is the NFL, and it’s time for Andy Reid to put away the distractions—both a player who so far has proven that he is still only a marquee name, and an offensive play that even Donovan himself has said to be a distraction.

Next week when the Giants come to town (yay, two games in a row for me!), it’s doubtful (though it would be nice)  that we will have a 17 point lead going into the half, so no more Wildcat, please, and let’s hope that the offense gets some shut-eye off the field this time.

Editor’s Note: PhilaDude has instituted a new strict posting schedule (apparently I wasn’t pulling my weight as Co-Executive Editor and Artistic Director), so expect to be hearing a lot more from me and the PharAwayPhan in the upcoming weeks. Thank you, thank you. No applause necessary.

Did ya miss me?

August 15, 2009

Hello fellow PhilaTuders! I’m back. Did you miss me? Probably not, but that’s OK, you’re very busy, and likewise, so am I, but enough with excuses. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who complains that she’s too busy to post, right? Right. Anyway, Phila Dude has done such a good job with keeping up the posting. I mean, it’s summer, we want to be outside—though I haven’t been outside so much as chained to my desk working—but he’s done it: covering everything from the Phillies’ magical season, the tragic passing of Jim Johnson, and now the surprising and jaw-dropping signing of Michael Vick to the Eagles—seriously, jaw dropped and was like “Shut the front door!” Stacy London, What Not to Wear? Anyone? Anyone? I like to watch make-over shows on TLC, get over it—but I digress.

My first reaction to the signing was Good job Eagles…Way to bring in unnecessary drama. Do we really need this? Do we? Are we still in masochistic withdrawal from the franchise killing T.O.? We already have a great quarterback who doesn’t kill dogs, so why do we need Vick? But then I thought, wait Delphea, you need to work on your karma, so I thought back to a piece I heard on Morning Edition the other day. Tony Dungy, former Super Bowl-winning coach of the Indianapolis Colts (full disclosure, the only other team in the NFL that I actively root for), said that if he were still the coaching, he would sign Vick.

I’m not going to go into the whole story. You can listen for yourself here: Morning Edition, but basically Tony and Michael met 5 years back and bonded over a love for fishing. They even talked about getting a fishing trip together—a trip that Dungy always wonders might have prevented Vick from going down the wrong path. Anyway, Tony, who has left the NFL to pursue the ministry and mentoring, went to visit Michael during his last month in prison. There he began to understand how and why Vick got into dog fighting. Tony does not condone what Michael did, but believes that he has served his time, and that perhaps it’s time for a second chance.

The thing that stuck out most to me from the interview was that he relates that although signing a player like Vick may bring distraction to an organization, a strong team who believes in second chances will be able to do it. If there is any such team, it is definitely the Eagles. I can only hope that Andy Reid is ready to be the on-field mentor to Vick that Dungy would be if he were still coaching.

OK, back to summer. Need to catch up on Mad Men before the premiere tomorrow—yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon—Be like me: watch the first two seasons here: Blinkx.

Phillies v Mets – Game 3

June 13, 2009
Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez watches his three-run home run during the tenth inning against the New York Mets, Thursday, June 11, 2009, at Citi Field in New York. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

OK, full disclosure: I am not a huge baseball fan. Football is really my gig. Needless to say though, when I get a call at 5:30PM on a Thursday from a friend who’s come into some Phillies-Mets tickets and wants me to come, there is no way I am going to say no.  While I’ve lived in NY for quite a long time and have gone to my fair share of NY sporting events (not really something I’m proud of), Thursday night was actually my first time going to see a Philly team play at a NY stadium.

Being a visiting team fan is no easy task and it’s definitely not easy at Citi Field—which by the way, is absolutely awesome: clean, comfortable seats, great views, friendly staff, tons of concession stands—there was really nothing to complain about, well except the Mets fans, that is. It’s a good thing my friend and I came right from work—no time to run home to don red T-shirts or Phils hats, so despite our spirited cheering, we blended into the crowd.  Luckily, our seats were in front of a row of Philly fans, so there was lots of high-fiving with strangers all around.

Of course, this opportunity was the ultimate test of my PhilaTude, and in the end, I hope I succeeded in maintaining our values.  While at times our Mets neighbors started to get a bit rowdy and it was, I think,  all in good fun, it definitely dampened the mood for a bit. Well, that was until the amazing Raul Ibanez hit a three-run homer in the 10th and sealed a 6-3 on-the-road win for Phillies. The stadium then pretty much emptied of Mets fans, and rows of bright red T-shirts could finally be seen in the stands.  It’s always a great feeling to win, and the Phillies played an awesome game, but the best part was sharing smiles and high-fives with those other die-hard Philly fans. Go Phils!

Best Wishes to the “Super Philly”

May 15, 2009
Rachel Alexandra and jockey Calvin Borel / Matthew Stockman, Getty Images

Rachel Alexandra and jockey Calvin Borel / Matthew Stockman, Getty Images

We here at PhilaTude are big believers in democracy— especially, ya know, that part about equality for all sports. In our efforts to expand our knowledge beyond the big four city sports, we have become well versed in tennis, bowling, ping pong (or table tennis if you prefer), softball, pool—yes, it’s a sport, and our newest interest, horse racing. So in honor of the Preakness this weekend, the 2nd race in the Triple Crown, we’d like to give a big shout-out to the “Super Filly,” or as we like to call her, the “Super Philly” Rachel Alexandra, to wish her luck on her race against the boys.

As a girl who sometimes finds herself in the “boys club” (and by that, I mean a sports bar), I know that it’s never easy to get ahead when the guys are vying for all the attention— seriously, the waitresses couldn’t care less about my order. Anyway, I digress; in this case Rachel Alexandra is certainly no underdog. She won by a whopping 20 ¼ lengths at the Kentucky Oaks and she has successfully forged her way into the Preakness by gracefully stepping past the many jealous owners who tried to bar her from entering.  She is now the favorite to win!  If that’s not girl power, then I don’t know what is.  Watch out boys, this filly is on the loose.


May 7, 2009

So by now you’ve all read the dozens of posts by my older brother Phila Dude, but I’m here to ostensibly offer “another” perspective. And by another perspective, I mean a better perspective. Well, maybe a just a different perspective. You see, I am not an aficionado like Phila D, knowledgeable yes, but really I’m just a fan, just like you. I’m fan who lives in New York City, and who has to deal with obnoxious Giants and Knicks and Mets and Yanks and Nets and Jets and Rangers and Islanders and Devils fans.  That’s like twice as many annoying fans than any other out-of-town fan should ever have to deal with. But I do it with a smile and some sass because I have PhilaTude.

Allow me to define the ‘Tude:

PhilaTude [filuh-tyood]


  1. A positive manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., based on the foundation of loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, and Flyers.
  2. A disposition expressed often by out-of-town Philadelphia sports fans to aid in maintaining allegiance to the home town team.
  3. A positive manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to Philadelphia; tendency or orientation, esp of the mind: group attitudes.

Sentence: Jane displayed PhilaTude when she wore her Westbrook jersey on game day.

There are a few more things that I’d like to point out about showing one’s PhilaTude. Having PhilaTude is not about being a rude and loathsome Philadelphia fan. We already have plenty of them, and we’re not in the market for more. PhilaTude is about sharing the love and the pride we have for our team with others, even if they may sometimes not want to hear it. For instance, if the Eagles beat the Giants—which is possibly my most favorite thing— it is not okay for the said Philadephia fan to pour a half pitcher of stale beer over the losing team’s fan’s head, and to then do a victory dance on the grimy table. It’s just not cool and it’s most certainly not PhilaTude.  A real fan, a respectable fan, and one with PhilaTude cheers for the Eagles and celebrates appropriately. Allow at least a few hours to pass before you point out to your Giants fan friend that while Eli Manning may be adorable (though I have to say that I’m more of a Peyton Manning girl myself), he’s overrated.

PhilaTude is a mighty power and should be wielded wisely. Good luck.