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Finding the Positive

August 15, 2009

You hear from my older brother the PhilaDude on the regular, and on the occasion, my little sister Delphea. I’m the middle child, the PharAwayPhan. As a classic middle child I flew far from the coop and landed all the way out in sunny San Diego. On many a previous occasion, I’ve considered lending my voice to PhilaTude, but never took the steps to actually put pen to paper, so to speak. In consideration of the signing of Michael Vick though I couldn’t keep myself from wanting to weigh in. So here goes…..

If you couldn’t have guessed on your own, I am fan of all things Philadelphia. With siblings like Dude and Del, you don’t get much of a choice. But with a city like Philadelphia how could you not love it? That said, let’s get right to the news of the moment. Since I am a self-proclaimed dog lover with two big yellow Labrador retrievers of my own, I abhor Michael Vick and what he did. His actions were disturbing, disgusting, heinous, and a host of other high-quality adjectives that are reserved only for when describing something as truly horrible as abusing man’s best friend.

However, I am one who tries to find the positives in every situation. After my initial shock and outright anger subsided, reality set in: Vick was now on my team, so I began searching for the glimmer of good . After two days, I think I’ve figured it out…..At least for myself. Plain and simple: more coverage. I live in a sports market dominated by talk of the strong-on-paper/weak-on-the-field Chargers and MLB’s second worst team, the Padres. Following the signing of Vick though, all sports, in all markets have been all Eagles. Now it will no longer will require vigorous scouting through multiple news sources and having to wait through 25 minutes of other sports coverage to hear about my favorite team. A dream come true. I stand to see, hear, and downright relish in more Eagles coverage then I have been able to enjoy in my last decade in the Golden State.

I still don’t like Michael Vick. Never did, never will. He is now officially an Eagle and with that there will hopefully be some good for the team. From a football perspective it’s pretty obvious. A physically fit Michael Vick (if that is what he turns out to be) will add another dimension to the Eagles as a whole. No matter how Coach Reid decides to inject him into the game plan, his impact will be undeniable.

Sure, there will be plenty of disappointed folks, bad press, and the ever popular protest, but isn’t the old saying bad press is better than no press? The Eagles will now consistently be a lead story, and just for fun, if PETA is out in force protesting the each game, it will all but promise a couple hot chicks, sans fur, to check out on the way into the stadium.

My feeling is that in time, these things will all subside and Michael Vick’s on-field and off-field actions will provide a shadow for his past transgressions. I will never forget what he did, and will never be a fan, but I will appreciate his contribution to the team and any help he can provide in supporting our continuing quest for a Super Bowl.

Now that I have found my voice, I have some other thoughts about being a PharAwayPhan, which I plan to share over time. So there you have it, my first post; complete.