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Enough of the Crosby Love

June 3, 2009

I hate Sidney Crosby.  Maybe it’s not his fault that I hate him, but I detest, loathe, hate and love to hate him.  I’ve always said he is a good hockey player.  In fact, he is one of the better players in the league.  However, under no circumstances is he the greatest player since Wayne Gretzky, nor the best leader since Mark Messier and not even the best player on his team like Alexander Ovechkin.  I think Evgeni Malkin is better than Crosby.

You can read my other posts about my detest for Crosby, here, here and here.  

This post will list out the reasons I hate him:

1)  The NHL has decided to make Crosby “The Guy.”  Not his fault he has to be “The Guy,” but you think he would try being “The Guy” by having sportsmanship, getting his peers to respect him and admit that his teammates are solid. Instead, he slashes players after the games have ended, whines constantly that he isn’t treated fairly and complains that he doesn’t have good line mates.  In fact, it seems that Sid has new line mates every season.  When is the NHL going to realize that Crosby doesn’t have the attitude or personality to be “The Guy?”

2)  When an opponent of the Pittsburgh Penguins makes a mistake or turns the puck over to Sidney Crosby, it’s always an amazing defensive play by Crosby.  Not really, it’s a turnover or giveaway by the opponent.  Anyone else who would get the puck off of a turnover would be considered lucky, not Crosby, he is the greatest player ever.  This isn’t his fault, but he does nothing to stop it.

3)  His playoff beard makes him look like a 14 year-old trying to impress a 12 year-old girl.  I wish Sidney Crosby would take a page from the Ruslan Fedetenko handbook and SHAVE since the beard looks awful.  Crosby’s playoff beard is a mockery of the tradition of the playoff beard.

4)  While Crosby makes good plays, he hasn’t come up clutch.  His teammates have, yet it’s all about Crosby.  Hey Sidney, do PhilaTude a favor and give your teammates a shout-out on how great they played in the run to making the playoffs, especially Malkin.  If I were a Penguin, I would want to get away from “The Guy” as soon as possible.

5)  I wish he would step-up and address his critics.  I want him to give me a reason to like him.  He should be open about the obvious bias towards him and ask them to stop.  It be great if would just be a real hockey player.

Two more quick points:

1)  Last night’s Stanley Cup Finals game 3 action was tied midway through the 3rd period.  I turned to my wife and said; “in about a minute there will be some marginal penalty call on the Red Wings to give the Penguins a late game power play.”  Sure enough, the Penguins got their power play off a poor unneccessary penalty call by the official in a playoff game.  Only in the regular season would that penalty be called and most likely, just in the first period of a game.  

A player other than Crosby got the goal, but the commentators made sure to point out that Crosby was on the ice and showed him circling near the red dot.  The Red Wings didn’t even bother with him.  What a joke.

2)  I probably should rename this blog the “I hate Sidney Crosby Blog”, but until I get my NHL back to the way it should be, I will continue to lambast the arrogant, whining, selfish loser, since no one else will and he deserves it.  Yes, I love to hate Sidney Crosby!

By the way, the Red Wings aren’t only playing the Penguins, they have to beat the league and officiating.


The NHL is Wrong!

June 1, 2009

One could say that I am bitter the Flyers aren’t playing for the Stanley Cup. It’s ok. I am bitter. Real bitter. However, since I am a huge hockey fan and absolutely detest Sidney Crosby, I have been enjoying watching the Red Wings take a 2-0 series lead in the Stanley Cup Finals. What’s amazing about the Red Wings is that they are playing with an injury depleted team and they have to overcome the league’s bias for Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Last night the Red Wings won the game by playing stellar defense, getting good goaltending from Chris Osgood and taking advantage of their opportunities to score. Yet every analyst on TV spoke about how great the Penguins played, how hard Malkin played (he did) and most importantly, how great Sidney Crosby looked. The dude can’t even grow a legitimate playoff beard. The point is that it doesn’t matter how great Crosby and the Penguins looked, they still lost and are down 2-0 in the series. Even worse is that the commentators and analysts didn’t have one good thing to say about the Red Wings.

After game 1 was over, Sidney Crosby slashed Kirk Maltby of the Red Wings. No on ice official saw the slash, but when Maltby and a few others chased after Crosby, he hid behind the referees.

The day after game 1, I had a difficult time finding in the mainstream media any mention of the slash and subsequent “chase.” I think the media should have lambasted Crosby as a poor sport and the league potentially should have officially reviewed the incident. Nothing. Crosby claimed that Maltby did a lot of talking – so what? Stop crying. Keep in mind that if a Flyers player slashed an opponent after the end of a game, there would be suspensions for the Flyers and fines for the coaches.

I love the Flyers and hockey, but I am getting tired of the NHL playing favorites to a whiner with a crappy playoff beard. It’s time for the NHL to work on another plan because their selected face of the NHL might be a good player, but is a poor sport, has a bad attitude and definitely doesn’t have the respect of his peers.

PhilaTude and Overtime Playoff Hockey

May 12, 2009
NHL Logo

NHL Logo

There’s nothing better than NHL playoff overtime hockey.  Well, it’s always better if the the Flyers are playing and go onto win.  However, since the Flyers have been ousted from the playoffs, I have to settle for the rest of the playoff teams playing overtime playoff hockey.

Last night’s Capitals/Penguins game 6 tilt went to overtime after a standard, fluke, cheesy goal by Sidney Crosby late in the 3rd period.  The Capitals needed to win to stay alive and force game 7.  The Caps hadn’t won an overtime playoff game since 2001, so it was going to be tough playing in Pittsburgh against the Penguins that were trying to close out the series.  The Caps scored about 8 minutes into the overtime – just in time for my wife to switch the channel to the “Hills.”  It was a slap shot from the point off of a face-off.  Then it was deflected over Marc-Andre Fluery’s shoulder for the win.  The Caps players were ecstatic, as they should be.  It was amazing to see the Pens’ fans disappointed knowing that their team would have to go to Washington, D.C. to win a game 7.  Even more amazing was how Sidney Crosby selfishly tried to make it seem that the Capitals ruined his party.

In overtime hockey, it is about the team that doesn’t make mistakes and the team that forces as many shots on goal as possible.  The Caps did that last night.  So, explain to me why Sidney Crosby stood on the ice and watched the Caps celebrate when the rest of this team went to the locker room.  Don’t give me the line “he was watching to see what it was like to win a big game game 6.”  Crosby wants every game to be about him.  The league has to stop playing into this and let his talent do his talking (he is a great player) – not the forced marketing or the cheesy contrived situations.

Bottom line, overtime playoff hockey is incredible, even if my two least favorite teams are playing.

NHL Playoffs

April 22, 2009


Flyers Captain, Mike Richards

Flyers Captain, Mike Richards

I love the NHL playoffs, especially when the Flyers are participating.  I don’t really mind watching the national broadcasts of the games.  Most of the play-by-play announcers are unbiased and are equally excited when either team makes a great play or scores a goal.  However, the color commentators, “sideline” reporters, and studio hosts always find it necessary to pick a few players to be the focus of their babble.  Obviously, since the Flyers are playing the Penguins, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin get all of the attention. 

I have no problem listening to a discussion about how the Flyers can stop these two, or what a great a job some of the Flyers players have done on Crosby or Malkin. I think the Flyers have played well against these two guys.  My complaint is that I want the commentators to step-up and review lazy and bad plays that Crosby and Malkin have made in the series, specifically in game 3.  The commentators are the first ones to rip the Flyers for missing coverage on Crosby and Malkin, but how about discussing the giveaways or missed defensive zone coverage that Crosby and Malkin have committed?  Finally, there are tons of quotes from players (Kimmo Timonen being one) about how Crosby’s a whiner or gets the calls to go his way.  Have the on-air commentators ever addressed this?  Not that I have heard, and I watch tons of hockey.

Additional thought:  If the NHL wants Crosby to be the face of NHL (he shouldn’t be, since I don’t think he has the respect of his peers), they need to remove the kid gloves and mold him into that face.  Aside from the Penguins fans, who else likes him?