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Michael Vick an Eagle

August 14, 2009
Michael Vick signs with the Eagles

Michael Vick signs with the Eagles

This came out of no where.  I did not even have an inkling the Eagles had interest in Vick, let alone the gumption to sign him.  Since I live out of the Philadelphia market, the preseason tilt the Eagles were participating in last night was not on my television.  So armed with my blackberry, I was doing a little grocery/supply shopping when I got a random text from a friend of mine who claimed the Eagles signed Michael Vick.  My buddy is a Redskins fan, so I assumed it was a prank.  Nope, the Eagles really did sign Michael Vick, as confirmed by multiple media outlets.

I’m not sure what to make of this.  Vick was a solid athlete and decent football player a few years back.  However, I never thought he was a great quarterback or even an elite football player.  Now after his struggles with dog fighting, gambling and conspiracy, I’m not sure he has any juice in the tank.  Aside from the Eagles having to deal with the off the field backlash of his signing, the Eagles have to figure out where he is going to play – quarterback?  Wide receiver?  Wildcat qb?  Punt returner?  I just don’t know where he fits.  I assume the Eagles will spend some time working him out, seeing what kind of shape he is in and then determining where he can best help the team.  I guess the big open questions are where does he play and in what capacity AND how will the city of Philadelphia, the Eagles fans and the rest of the country handle the signing of a former felon? 

I think second chances are important.  People make mistakes.  However, I have to wonder how many people would have gotten second chances if they didn’t play football.  I think the United States judicial system is designed to allow people to get second chances.  Vick did his time for his crime and now wants to move on.  I assume he will be a massive presence in the charitable and community service area of the Eagles organization.  Also, who better than to work with the troubled youth of the Philadelphia area than Vick?  He can simply say, look what happened to me over the last two years, don’t do it.  (Ok, it may have worked out in the end for him because he has a contract, but you get the point).

While I don’t want to discredit the brutal and disgusting crimes Michael Vick committed, but there are a few worse things that football players have done.  Specifically, Leonard Little and Donte Stallworth both killed humans via DUI.  Little served very little time and continued playing.  Stallworth was able to avoid almost all jail time and will be able to resume football next year.  The difference in these cases than Michael Vick’s is that the families of the people killed wanted to go after the players’ money.  The more money these athletes made, the more money the families could sue for civilly.  The dogs involved with Michael Vick didn’t really have this outlet, so Vick was much more at the mercy of the law.  Vick got what he deserved.

Of course, the question comes into play, what about McNabb?  Apparently, McNabb was consulted on this issue and was very happy to have Vick on the team.  All McNabb has to do is play great, win some games and Michael Vick is a non-issue.  He only helps the Eagles.  Of course, I had to wait to hear what McNabb thought until updated their web site since Dave Spadaro of didn’t ask McNabb what he thought during the post game interview.  Um, Dave, don’t you think it was your job to ask McNabb what he though about Vick?  Sparado is a waste.

This whole Michael Vick thing could turn out to be very interesting.  Since he isn’t eligible to play until week 6, do the Eagles have him on the roster so he can practice or do they put him on the suspended list where he can’t practice?  This should all play out very soon.

While I can’t say I like Michael Vick for things he has done (never was into him as a football player, either), he does bring a certain mystic to the Eagles offense and at least could be an extra weapon.  As an Eagles fan, I guess I sometimes have to put aside my personal feelings and look at it from the betterment of the team.  I always hated Josh Parry and Reno Mahe, but that didn’t stop me from supporting my Eagles.

The signing of Michael Vick completely overshadowed some excellent preseason performances from LeSean McCoy, Leonard Weaver, Eldra Buckley, Brent Celek and Jeremy Maclin.  McNabb looked solid, but had no time because Jason Peters looked terrible.  The defense needs to step it up, as well.  Since this was the first preseason game and the Eagles are notably slow starters, I will give them a pass.  But after this Vick signing and more time to practice, my patience will wear thin.  Andy Reid better have these Eagles ready for a big season.


Eagles Draft and Trade Thoughts

April 27, 2009


Maclin @ Missouri,

Maclin @ Missouri,

To give the Eagles front office a pat on the back is a little tough for me, considering I am usually not a fan, but I think they did an admirable job managing the draft and trades that coincided with the draft.  The first two picks, Maclin and McCoy, are both excellent additions to the offense in areas of need.  Picking up the TE Ingram, potentially, could be a huge steal in the middle rounds.  People question, including himself, his blocking abilities. Regardless, a tight end that can stretch the field is going to be an excellent improvement.  Harris, Tupuo, Gibson and Fokou provide depth in their specific areas.


The Eagles gave up very little, in my opinion, to get Jason Peters.  If he continues to develop into a world class left tackle, the Peters trade and subsequent contract would pale in comparison.  Ellis Hobbs, an excellent depth cornerback provides some good insurance against a sulking Sheldon Brown.  Hobbs will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this upcoming season, so depending on the Eagles corner back situation and Hobbs’ play; he could be in the market for a contract extension from the Eagles.  Also, Hobbs’ comments on coming to the Eagles were very team and winning focused, as well as discussions on how excited he is to come to the Eagles.  So it looks like Hobbs is all about the Eagles.  I can dig it.


The Eagles made some great trades, had a solid draft, surprised a few people and picked up additional picks for 2010.  In total, the Eagles will have 9 picks, not including any compensatory picks that will be determined by the league at a later date.


Eagles had a solid weekend, can’t say the same for the Flyers and Sixers.

Eagles Draft – Day 1

April 25, 2009

I was keeping track of the NFL draft via channel flipping and an occasional view of, due to the Flyers playing in game 6 of the NHL playoffs (more on that later).  Usually, I would be watching the draft live with plenty of draft materials and predictions, but the Flyers in the playoffs took precedence.  Needless to say, I was a little disappointed that the Eagles took a wide receiver with their first pick (after a minor trade).  They could have traded that first round pick for Anquan Boldin.  After some further thoughts, I like the pick of the receiver.  Boldin would have been a great fit for the Eagles, but the price and potential complaints (WR prima donnas) may not have been worth it.  If Maclin delivers, Boldin will be forgotten.  If Maclin is a bust, it’s Freddie Mitchell all over again.

Some great news in the second round, LeSean McCoy out of Pitt and a Harrisburg native, fell to the Eagles.  He may lack some size and explosiveness, but he finds the end zone and is a solid threat to catch passes out of the backfield.

After the first two rounds of draft, the Eagles have upgraded two positions of need. 

McNabb should be happy.

I still have a few posts coming regarding Shawn Andrews, Sheldon Brown and my consistent distaste for Coach Reid.