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The PhilaTude Favorites

August 6, 2009


Mentioned over many of my blog post are Philadelphia athletes that are our favorites.  How does one become a PhilaTude favorite?

Here are the criteria: 

1)       Be a current member of a Philadelphia sports team (under contract, disabled list is acceptable)
2)       Always put the team first over personal goals (as judged by me)
3)       Always compete at 100% or better (as judged by me)
4)       Never get into any trouble off of the field or embarrass themselves or team in public (Chase Utley broke this rule, otherwise he would be a perennial PhilaTude favorite)
5)       Exhibit PhilaTude – they must love their Philadelphia team and be proud of Philadelphia

The current roster of PhilaTude favorites are: 

1)       Mike Richards of the Flyers
2)       Stewart Bradley of the Eagles
3)       Dan Klecko of the Eagles
4)       Shane Victorino of the Phillies
5)       Ryan Howard of the Phillies
6)       Nick Cole of the Eagles 

Potential PhilaTude Favorites:

1)       Ryan Parent
2)       Chris Pronger
3)       JA Happ
4)       Andre Iguodala

Previous PhilaTude favorites were: 

1)       Brian Dawkins
2)       Sheldon Brown until he went crazy about his contract
3)       Derian Hatcher
4)       Hugh Douglas
5)       Troy Vincent

Thoughts on the criteria?  Thoughts on the current roster of PhilaTude favorites?

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Shawn Andrews – The Big Kid

April 30, 2009
Shawn Andrews,

Shawn Andrews,

It was speculated recently by the local and national media that Shawn Andrews, “The Big Kid,” was upset with his current contract.  Similar to Sheldon Brown, Andrews signed a long extension for a significant upfront signing bonus and middle ground yearly salaries.  Jason Peters, an offensive tackle, acquired by trade from the Buffalo Bills, received an impressive contract from the Eagles, with significant guaranteed money.  Andrews’ brother, Stacy Andrews, received a free agent contract from the Eagles worth significant guaranteed money.  Both the Stacy Andrews and Peters’ contracts make “The Big Kid’s” contract look paltry.  So, as good reporters, web sites and newspapers always do, they decided to speculate that Shawn was not happy with his contract.

There was no proof Shawn wanted a new deal, in fact, there wasn’t even a quote from him or his agent.  Why the speculation?  I have no idea and aside from the fact that his brother, Stacy and his old college roommate, Jason Peters are making significantly more money than him, I have a few other theories: 

  1. Andrews missed last season after battling depression and a back injury.  Some people think his contract may have been an issue even before the arrival of Peters and his brother.  I doubt that using depression and injury as a cover for a contract dispute would sit well with team officials and personally, I don’t think Shawn is that kind of guy.
  2. Sheldon Brown, as discussed in an earlier post, has complained about his contract and is in a similar situation contractually to Andrews.  Both signed long extensions for guaranteed money, but their annual salary would be less compared to others who are now signing deals.  So, some people speculated that since Sheldon is upset, Shawn should be upset.  Players are in it for themselves; they worry about their own contracts.  The Sheldon Brown situation is isolated and Shawn shouldn’t be dragged into this.
  3. The media was looking for something to get the fans riled up.  I think this might be the most obvious answer.

Andrews and his agent have publicly denied any contract dispute. That’s good for me, because I look forward to the revamped offensive line without anything getting in their way from becoming a strong run blocking and pass protecting unit.  Of course, there will always be another reporter speculating on something that could be a distraction to the Eagles off-season.

Sheldon Brown

April 28, 2009

Sheldon Brown with chinstrap

Sheldon Brown with chinstrap

Sheldon Brown, an Eagles player I always respected, really surprised me.  I never thought he would be this year’s Lito Sheppard.  Lito was always a bit high on himself.  Early in his career he was interested in playing corner back and wide receiver.  The latter never materialized.  Sheldon was always down to earth, respectable and understood football to be a game and a business.  This nonsense of him requesting a new contract really has rubbed me the wrong way.  You see, Sheldon Brown has four years, yes four years, left on his current contract – one that he voluntarily signed taking a large signing bonus up front.  Sheldon has never made the pro bowl and has been a solid corner back starter for most of his career.  He hasn’t outplayed his contract.  He doesn’t deserve a new contract.

Sheldon argues that he isn’t being paid what other cornerbacks are being paid.  Factor in the signing bonus he received a few years back and then I am pretty sure the compensation to other corner backs is reasonable.  Yearly salary is not the way to judge a contract.  Factor the signing bonus, incentives and the salary, then you have a comparable number.

I hope Sheldon sticks around – on the following conditions:  a)  no sulking like Lito, b)  no rallying the other players against the Eagles front office (he did name drop Trent Cole and Mike Patterson in his rants) and c) play to his abilities.  Otherwise, he can take his marshmallow wrapped chinstrap with him to another team that won’t pay him.