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76ers Coaching Search

May 20, 2009

While we are happy that Tony DiLeo is out as the Sixers head coach, we couldn’t be more discouraged by the search for his replacement.  We know that the Sixers have interviewed Eddie Jordan and are scheduled to meet with Dwayne Casey, Tom Thibodeau and Kurt Rambis.  People everywhere are pining for Avery Johnson.  Also rumored to be in the mix for the head coaching job are Jay Wright and Adrian Dantley. 

I am discouraged for two main reasons:

1)  The coaching talent on this list is mediocre.  Jay Wright is not an NBA coach and none of the other people on this list have any significant and winning head coaching experience.  Avery Johnson is the most experienced, but if he is so great, why doesn’t he have a job?  I realize that some of the assistants have been on winning clubs and could project to a winning coach, but is that what the Sixers need?  I don’t know.

2)  Ed Stefanski is being so secretive.  Tell the fans what you are doing.  Let us hear about the positives and negatives of each coach.  We care. We want to see a winner.

Again, I have no idea who the Sixers coach should be, but I hope Ed Stefanski opens up and picks a winner.


PhilaTude not for Eddie Jordan

May 14, 2009
Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan

After Tony DiLeo decided not be a candidate for the 76ers coaching duties, people everywhere have been speculating about who will be the new head coach. Eddie Jordan is on all the lists. I have no clue why this guy is being revered as a coach that can lead the Sixers to the next level. He was a solid collegiate player at Rutgers and had a mediocre NBA career. His NBA head coaching record is abysmal with 230 wins and 288 losses. His best season as a coach had his team lose in the second round of the playoffs. The 76ers have a young team and have been to the playoffs consistently the last few years. Jordan isn’t going to get the Sixers over their hump. He hasn’t proved he can coach a winner. Also, Jordan was the coach of some talented Washington Wizards teams and couldn’t win with them. How does that translate to a talented and young 76ers team? It doesn’t. From our standpoint, Jordan isn’t the guy for the Sixers.

Unfortunately, we don’t know who the guy is for the Sixers. Maybe that’s why we blog and Ed Stefanski runs the team.

76ers Armchair Basketball Coach

May 1, 2009

Old School Logo

Coaching in the NBA probably isn’t the easiest job around.  Depending on your talent, front office and determination, you could have an excellent career or be a one season wonder.  Tony DiLeo, the 76ers interim coach after Maurice Cheeks was fired, held the team together, but didn’t get the team forward.  DiLeo coached a team without Elton Brand, the star off-season acquisition, and a team lacking a true crunch time player.  He got the Sixers to .500 for the season and gave them a decent shot at winning their first round series against the Orlando Magic.  Aside from Dwight Howard, I don’t see the Magic as being a real threat to anyone.  They can shoot from the outside and if a few streaky shooters get hot, they could do some damage.  The Magic aren’t a playoff team that can go far.  Too many holes.  The Sixers, with plenty of holes themselves, had an excellent chance at beating the Magic in the first round.  I think DiLeo blew it. 

In game two, Dwight Howard was battling significant foul problems and was on the bench for long stretches.  Yet, DiLeo kept with Theo Ratliff in the middle, when the Sixers could have easily driven the lane against a Howard-less middle.  Sixers should have gone with Miller, Iguodala, Young, Williams and Marshall.  Similarly, in game six with the Magic playing without Howard, the Sixers barely got in the paint.  I don’t even think this was in the game plan.  The Sixers took too many outside shots and didn’t rebound well.  It was a joke.  Potentially, DiLeo didn’t really motivate the team or prevent them from playing down to the Howard-less Magic.  Regardless, the 76ers could have easily won this series if not for a few poor coaching decisions.  I don’t think DiLeo will be the coach next year, at least, let’s hope not.

Sixers = Disappointing, but Predictable

May 1, 2009

Andre Miller,

Andre Miller,

I haven’t spent much time digesting and discussing the 76ers, but now that their season is over, here are some of my random thoughts:

  1. I am surprised that Theo Ratliff can still run the court, play mediocre defense and throw down a slam.
  2. The Sixers look like a team with no direction, too many individual players and no big energy/emotion player.
  3. When the season started, I didn’t understand Cheeks’ rotation with Brand, didn’t understand his rotation without Brand and still can’t figure out what DiLeo was doing.
  4. Andre Iguodala is a player, but never gets any league wide recognition.
  5. Lou Williams is a great player off the bench, but you would think he would play with more emotion and energy.
  6. I hate the Willie Green era.
  7. Ed Stefanski should consider bringing back Andre Miller, but also acquire a young point guard to back him up and develop.
  8. Thaddeus Young is too inconsistent and enigmatic.
  9. Samuel Dalembert looks lazy, clueless and lost.  Frustrating from a player who makes over 10 million a season and who is under contract for another two years.  Classic Billy King contract.
  10. The Sixers just don’t have the “buzz.”

Here are some quick thoughts on how to fix the Sixers:

  1. A new coach that can develop young players, provide an up tempo style of game and can utilize his bench accurately.
  2. Get rid of Dalembert anyway you can.
  3. Find a young PG, middle clogging big man (can be a cheap veteran) or give more minutes to Marreese Speights and a legitimate outside scoring threat.
  4. A healthy Elton Brand (obviously).
  5. Play real defense.

More to come on the Sixers as the off-season unfolds.  It’s a shame Andrew Toney isn’t available.

Additional thought: As a big time Sixers fan, it constantly bothers me that former Sixers bench warmers go to other teams and play tremendously. Raja Bell, Tim Thomas, John Salmons, Bruce Bowen and Matt Barnes are a few. Who else? Players always come to the Sixers and play worse. Anybody think of a Sixers player in recent years that came from another team and stepped up their game in Philadelphia? I can’t.